Uroš Matić

Post Doctoral Researcher


Telephone: +43 1 51581-4119

Location: Hollandstraße 11–13, 5th floor | 1020 Vienna

Biographical sketch

Study of archaeology at the University of Belgrade/Serbia (Bachelor and Master, 2006–2011). Doctoral studies in Egyptology 2012–2016 with degree (2016) at the University of Münster. Since 2012, colleague at the excavation of the ÖAI in Tell el-Dab’a/Egypt. Since 2017 participant in the excavations of the ÖAI at Kom Ombo/Egypt. 2018–2019 researcher in the project »Beautiful Kush: Cosmetic substances and utensils in Egyptian New Kingdom Nubia« (DAAD P.R.I.M.E 2018). Since 2019 scientific colleague at the Cairo Branch of the ÖAI, for the project »Die Stadt Kom Ombo im 3. Jahrtausend v. Chr.«.

Philippika Prize Winner (Harrassowitz Verlag) for 2018.

    Research Projects

    Research interests

    • War and violence in Ancient Egypt
    • Second Intermediate Period and the New Kingdom
    • Egypt and its relations with its neighbours in the 2nd millennium BC
    • Settlement archaeology
    • Gender archaeology
    • Theory in archaeology



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