Philip Bes


Telephone: +43 1 51581-4132

Location: Franz Klein-Gasse 1 | 1190 Vienna

Biographical sketch

Classical Archaeology at the University of Leiden (NL), followed by doctoral research at the University of Leuven (B) within the ICRATES Project and postdoctoral research with the Sagalassos Project. Independent researcher from 2010 to November 2021: projects in Greece (e.g. Boeotia, Skyros, Megara), Turkey (e.g. Sagalassos, Çandarlı), and Israel (Caesarea Maritima, Horvat Kur). Team member in ceramic studies in Limyra since 2013. Postdoctoral researcher at the ÖAI since December 2021.


    Research Projects

    Research interests

    • Roman Eastern Mediterranean
    • Pottery studies (Hellenistic to Late Roman)
    • Pottery manufacture
    • Intra- and interregional connectivity, exchange, and ceramic distribution (particularly coastal vs. inland patterns)