The new high-performance computer LEO comprises a login-server for job processing and 32 compute nodes with a total of 1320 CPU cores. The software library is implemented with so-called "environment modules", which enable users to quickly include one specific software version, while other users might need a different version. For large-scale simulations there is an attached storage server that provides some 150 TB of hard disk space with different backup levels. The compute nodes use solid-state drives (SSD) for a massive-parallel cluster filesystem. Crucial for high-performance computing is also the 56 Gbit/s network with nanoseconds latency, which is implemented fully by InfiniBand hardware. Emergency procedures documentation allows for a complete re-installation of the operating system within about two hours working time.

The hardware, shown in the figure, automatically downloads and processes data from the MMS mission and is actively used for simulation-based research.