Dr. Andrea Bonfanti


T +43 (316) 4120 - 643
Room E.b.4

Research Interests

My field of research deals with stellar and planetary astrophysics. In particular, I determine masses, radii, and ages of stars with a self-developed routine through evolutionary models (isochrones and tracks). I also analyse stellar light-curves and radial velocity time-series aiming at retrieving the main properties of exoplanets, such as mass, radius, and orbital parameters. Furthermore I unveil the evolution of exoplanet atmospheres through a tool fully developed here in Graz. I am currently involved in the CHEOPS and ARIEL missions.

Career Summary

since 2020      PostDoc, Institut für Weltraumforschung, ÖAW, Austria
2017-2019     PostDoc, Université de Liège, Belgium
2013-2016     PhD student, Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy


As of 19.10.2022:
Refereed articles: 28 (first author 5)
Citations: 550 (H-index: 13)

Scientific Events