Priv. Doz. Dr. Megan J. Cordill

Function: Vice Director
Room: 308
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-308
E-Mail: megan.cordill(at)


Complex Materials, Micro- and Nanomechanics, Micro- and Nanostructure Characterization


Nanoindentation, electro-mechanical in-situ testing, AFM, CLSM, electrical measurement, thin films, adhesion


Mechanics in Small Dimensions (Mechanik in kleinen Dimensionen), Übungen zu Materialkundliche Arbeitsverfahren


FLEX-E-TESTAdhesion Techniques for Films on Flexible SubstratesHigh cycle thermo-mechanical fatigue behavior of semiconductor thin filmsEPPL - Enhanced Power Pilot Line


  • A new design rule for high entropy alloy diffusion barriers in Cu metallizationGruber G.C., M. Kirchmair, S. Wurster, M.J. Cordill, R. FranzJ ALLOY COMPD953, ARTN 170166 (2023)
  • In situ fragmentation of Al/Al2O3 multilayers on flexible substrates in biaxial tensionPutz B., T.E.J. Edwards, E. Huszar, L. Petho, P. Kreiml, M.J. Cordill, D. Thiaudiere, S. Chiroli, F. Zighem, D. Faurie, P.O. Renault, J. MichlerMATER DESIGN232, ARTN 112081 (2023)
  • Parameters influencing the fracture of Mo films and their wider significanceCordill M.J., P. Kreiml, T. Joerg, S. Zak, C. MittererMRS ADVANCES (2023)
  • Link between cracking mechanisms of trilayer films on flexible substrates and electro-mechanical reliability under biaxial loadingHusain S.A., P. Kreiml, P.O. Renault, C. Mitterer, M.J. Cordill, D. FaurieJ VAC SCI TECHNOL A41, ARTN 033403 (2023)
  • Fatigue life assessment of metal foils in multifunctional composites via combined experiments and simulationsTrost C., S. Zak, K. Ruderes, R. Hammer, J. Rosc, T. Krivec, N. Schell, H.P. Gänser, A. Hohenwarter, M.J. CordillComposites Part B.259, 110715 (2023)
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