Drosophila stocks

All Brennecke lab fly lines are available via the Vienna Drosophila Resource Center. We thank the IMBA Fly facility under the guidance of Peter Duchek for outstanding support.

The entire Vienna transgenic RNAi library, the VT enhancer library, and GFP fosmid lines are available from the same site. Keep in mind that ordering multiple stocks at once makes the prizing per stock considerably cheaper. Please acknowledge these resources by citing the original papers and by mentioning the VDRC in the acknowledgements section.

Antibodies and Plasmids

Please send your requests directly to Dominik Handler including your precise shipping address as well as an account number for Express Carriers like FedEx and we will ship your material within a couple working days. 

Sequencing data

All deep sequencing data underlying our publications are available as raw files from NCBI GEO. We are also working on individual UCSC browser sessions for the more data-heavy publications and these will be posted here.


Computational analyses of large datasets is a central part of our projects. We recently started to make all code underlying our publications available via GitHub.