The biggest assets in any research institution are postdocs and students. They are the new frontiers and the driving force of innovation and discovery. My vision is to provide an environment free of barriers—financial, technological, as well as intellectual—where young scientists can develop their ideas, collaborate freely, and learn all the aspects needed for a scientific career. A strong education in basic science has been and will always remain to be the core requirement if you want to make a difference in today’s world with all of its opportunities and challenges. I have been very lucky to have received training at EMBL Heidelberg, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, and Harvard Medical School. Choosing the right environment is an often underestimated aspect in career planning. The Vienna Biocenter with the flagship research institutes IMBA, IMP, and GMI, which closely interact with the two Vienna Universities, is a prime research center in Europe. A long history in flat hierarchies, world-class scientific support facilities, international leaders in diverse research fields, and one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious PhD programs make a daily difference.   

My group is always happy to receive strong applications, be it for postdoc, PhD, or masters project. A high level of motivation, tendency to think out of the box, dedication to experiments, openness to learn new techniques, and a collaborative and supportive mindset are requirements. Experience in RNA biology, biochemistry and in vitro approaches, computational biology, and genetics are certainly advantages. 

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The Brennecke lab is located at IMBA, a research institution at the Vienna Biocenter. Vienna is frequently among the most livable cities in the world. It is a cultural gem, international, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and simply fun to live in.