Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jozef Keckes

Function: Vice Chair Material Physics / Group Leader
Room: 303
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-303
E-Mail: jozef.keckes(at)unileoben.ac.at


Micro- and Nanostructure Characterization and Micro- and Nanomechanics


In-situ X-ray scattering on micro- and nano-scaled materials, structure and mechanical properties of thin films, structure-property relationship in biological materials, application of synchrotron radiation, XRD, SAXS, WAXS, GISAXS


Materialkundliche Arbeitsverfahren/Metallkundliche Arbeitsverfahren, Seminar aus Werkstoffphysik I and II, Übungen zu Materialkundliche Arbeitsverfahren




  • Evolution of structure, residual stress, thermal stability and wear resistance of nanocrystalline multilayered Al0.7Cr0.3N-Al0.67Ti0.33N coatings
    S. Spor, N. Jaeger, M. Meindlhumer, H. Hruby, M. Burghammer, F. Nahif, C. Mitterer, J. Keckes, R. Daniel
    Surf. Coat. Technol.425, ARTN 127712 (2021)
  • Influence of Gradient Residual Stress and Tip Shape on Stress Fields Inside Indented TiN Hard Coating
    J. Todt, J. Zalesak, C. Krywka, J. Keckes
    Adv. Eng. Mater.2021, ARTN 2100130 (2021)
  • Powder Diffraction Data of Aluminum-Rich FCC-Ti1-xAlxN Prepared by CVD
    I. Endler, M. Hoehn, B. Matthey, J. Zalesak, J. Keckes, R. Pitonak
    COATINGS11, ARTN 683 (2021)
  • Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Microstructure of Self-Assembled Gradient AlxTi1-xN Coatings
    J. Zalesak, J. Todt, J. Michalicka, B. Sartory, I. Matko, M. Lessiak, M. Traxler, R. Weissenbacher, R. Pitonak, C. Gammer, J. Keckes
    COATINGS11, ARTN 416 (2021)
  • Predicting strength of Finnish birch veneers based on three different failure criteria
    M. Pramreiter, S. Bodner, J. Keckes, A. Stadtmann, F. Feist, G. Baumann, E. Maawad, U. Müller
    De GruyterHolzforschung 20212021, 1-10 (2021)
  • Correlative cross-sectional characterization of nitrided, carburized and shot-peened steels: synchotron micro-X-ray diffraction analysis of stress, microstructure and phase gradients
    S. Bodner, M. Meindlhumer, T. Ziegelwanger, H. Winklmayr, T. Hatzenbichler, C. Schindelbacher, B. Sartory, M. Krobath, W. Ecker, N. Schell, J. Keckes
    Journal of Materials Research and Technology2021, 1396-1410 (2021)
  • Surface oxidation of nanocrystalline CVD TiB2 hard coatings revealed by cross-sectional nano-analytics and in-situ micro-cantilever testing
    D. Gruber, J. Zalesak, J. Todt, M. Tkadletz, B. Sartory, J. Suuronen, T. Ziegelwanger, C. Czettl, C. Mitterer, J. Keckes
    Surf. Coat. Technol.399, ARTN 126181 (2020)
  • Nanoindentation and microbending analyses of glassy and crystalline Zr (-Hf)-Cu thin-film alloys
    S. Haviar, T. Kozak, M. Meindlhumer, M. Zitek, K. Opatova, L. Kucerova, J. Keckes, P. Zeman
    Surf. Coat. Technol.399, ARTN 126139 (2020)
  • Nanoscale stress distributions and microstructural changes at scratch track cross-sections of a deformed brittle-ductile CrN-Cr bilayer
    M. Meindlhumer, J. Zalesak, W. Ecker, M. Rosenthal, S. Niese, P. Gawlitza, H. Hruby, C. Mitterer, R. Daniel, J. Keckes, J. Todt
    Mater. Des.195, ARTN 109023 (2020)
  • Multi-scale interface design of strong and damage resistant hierarchical nanostructured materials
    D. Rostilav, M. Meindlhumer, J. Zalesak, W. Baumegger, J. Todt, T. Ziegelwanger, J.F. Keckes, C. Mitterer, J. Keckes
    Mater. Des.196, ARTN 109169 (2020)