The series ›Archaeology of Egypt, Sudan and the Levant‹ was founded in 2019. Its main focus lies on current archaeological research in the Levant, Egypt and Sudan, with special emphasis on the multifaceted interconnections between these cultural spheres. It publishes archaeological studies that focus especially on new results from fieldwork, material, cultural and theoretical studies, as well as interdisciplinary analyses related to the focus region.

The series is edited by Bettina Bader, Julia Budka and Felix Höflmayer and coordinated by the Department of Prehistory & WANA Archaeology. Manuscripts may be submitted in English, German or French. All submitted manuscripts are subject to international peer-review, supervised by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

AESL 4   

Ianir MILEVSKI – Ronit LUPU – Anat COHEN-WEINBERGER, Excavations at Quleh and Mazor (West). Burial Practices and Iconography in Southern Levantine Chalcolithic Cemeteries (Wien 2023).

AESL 3   

Bettina BADER, Material Culture and Identities in Egyptology. Towards a Better Understanding of Cultural Encounters and their Influence on Material Culture (Wien 2021).

AESL 2   

Katharina STREIT, The Ancient Near East in Transregional Perspective. Material Culture and Exchange between Mesopotamia, the Levant and Lower Egypt from 5800 to 5200 calBC (Wien 2020).

AESL 1   

Julia BUDKA, AcrossBorders 2. Living in New Kingdom Sai (Wien 2020).