The ›Carnuntum Jahrbuch‹ – Journal of Archaeology and the History of the Danube Basin is a scientific forum for the presentation of excavations, finds, and research reports from the Carnuntum area and its hinterland. Furthermore, the journal offers the opportunity to publish current research in the fields of archaeology and cultural history not only within Austria but of the entire Danube River area, but spanning the entire course of the river from its source, to its Black Sea estuary.

The Carnuntum Jahrbuch is published annually in the autumn of the following year. It was published from 1955–1965 and from 1985–1992 by the Department of Culture and Science of the Province of Lower Austria (now the Department of Science and Research), as well as the Friends of Carnuntum Society. Since 1993/94 the journal has been co-edited by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and is available as part of its publication program.

Advisory Board / Editorial Committee

Since 2012, submissions to the Carnuntum Jahrbuch have been subject to a peer-review procedure (double blind review) for the purposes of quality assurance.

Advisory Board – Members

Prof. Dr. László Borhy (Budapest)
Dr. Orsolya Láng (Budapest)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Fischer (Köln)
Prof. Dr. Peter Herz (Regensburg)
Dr. Markus Peter (Bern)
Dr. Karol Pieta (Nitra)
Prof. Dr. Ioan Piso (Cluj-Napoca)
Dr. Ivan Radman-Livaja (Zagreb)
PhDr. Ján Rajtár, CSc. (Nitra)
Dr. Marcus Reuter (Trier)
Prof. Dr. Susanne Sievers k.M. (Frankfurt)

Editorial Committee

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Michael Alram
Dr. Christa Farka
o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Herwig Friesinger
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Christian Gugl
tit. a.O. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Werner Jobst
Mag. Dr. Gabrielle Kremer
Dr. Eduard Pollhammer
Priv.-Doz. MMag. Dr. Andreas Pülz
a.O. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Otto H. Urban 


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