Pamela Rose

Senior Scientist

RG »Historische Bauforschung«


Telephone: + 20 2 273 62 356

Location: 6A, Ismail Mohammed Street, Apt. 62 Zamalek | Cairo, Egypt

Biographical sketch

Degree in Egyptology and Archaeology from the University of Cambridge followed by extensive field work in Egypt and Sudan; specialization on pottery from Egypt and Nubia. Responsible for the mission of the Egypt Exploration Society in Qasr Ibrim (Nubia) for 12 years. Since 2010, employed at the Cairo Branch of the OeAI and currently in charge of the archaeological project Hisn al-Bab as well as assistant director of the excavations in Tell el-Dab’a. 

    Research Projects

    Research interests

    • Late antique archaeology in Egypt
    • Urban archaeology
    • Nubian archaeology
    • Egyptian pottery
    • Nubian pottery