Nicola Math

, MA

Graphic Designer

Technical Unit


Telephone: +43 1 51581-4052

Location: Hollandstraße 11–13, 5th floor | 1020 Vienna

Biographical sketch

Degree in Egyptology from the University of Vienna, 2014; completion of her master's degree with the topic »The Badari Culture – New Research on the culture of the 5th millennium BCE.«

Participation at excavations in Hemmaberg/Carinthia, Abusir, Tell el-Dab’a, and Nag et-Tawil in Egypt, among others.

Participation in various projects and 2012/2013 research assistant at the Commission for Egypt and the Levant at the OeAW. Since 2016 member of the FWF-project »Palaces in Egypt« and in the restudy of the cemetery of Turah. Since 2017 employed by the OeAI.

    Research interests

    • Neolithic and early Chalcolithic Egypt
    • Development of a unified Egyptian state
    • Cultural identities in the pre- and early history of Egypt



    Journal Publication (3)

    Contribution in Collection (2)