Lukas Waltenberger

, BSc, MSc

Doctoral Student

RG »Prehistoric Identities«


Telephone: +43 1 51581-6134

Location: Hollandstraße 11–13, 5th floor | 1020 Vienna

Biographical sketch

Studies of Biology with main subject in Anthropology (BSc.) at the University of Vienna. In 2014, graduation with distinction in Forensic Osteology at Bournemouth University, UK (MSc.). 2016: Forensic anthropologist at the Commission of Missing Persons (CMP) in Cyprus. Award of the ATHEN-stipend of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). Since 2017 studies of Prehistory and early History at the University of Vienna and start as a PhD-student at the Institute of Oriental and European Archaeology (OREA) at the ÖAW within the VAMOS-project (The value of mothers to society: responses to motherhood and child rearing practices in prehistoric Europe).

    Research interests

    • Prehistoric archaeology
    • Forensic Anthropology
    • Cut mark analysis
    • Ballistic trauma analysis
    • Mass grave analysis



    Journal Publication (12)

    Contribution in Collection (3)

    Dissertation (1)