Aaron De Souza

Postdoctoral Fellow| RG Archaeology in Egypt and Sudan


Telephone: +43 1 51581-6104

Location: Dominikanerbastei 16 | 1010 Vienna

Biographical sketch

Aaron is an archaeologist specialising in Nubian material culture of the late Second Millennium BC. He completed his PhD in Egyptology at Macquarie University, Sydney (2016), where he was subsequently appointed as Junior Research Fellow (2017) and thence Honorary Postdoctoral Associate (2018). During his time at Macquarie University, Aaron also worked as a tutor, guest lecturer and examiner, and contributed to course content design for undergraduate courses in Egyptology and Archaeology. His current Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship, “InBetween”, re-examines Middle Nubian material culture as a reflection of identity and socio-cultural interactions in the multicultural environment that was the Nile Valley of Egypt and Nubia, c. 1800–1500 BC. Since 2009 Aaron has conducted extensive field work in Egypt; he is currently Nubian ceramics specialist at the Tell Edfu Project (University of Chicago), has previously excavated two Pan-Grave Cemeteries with the Hierakonpolis Expedition (Oxford University), and has also worked with ceramics at Dendara and Helwan (both Macquarie University). He has also undertaken museum-based research projects in Sweden, the UK, the USA, and Italy.

Outside of academia, Aaron spent almost a decade as Collection Manager of the Sherman Collection, an internationally renowned private collection of over 900 works of Asian and Australian contemporary art.

    Research Projects

    Research interests

    • Nubian and Egyptian archaeology
    • Ancient Nubian ceramics
    • Nubian material culture of the late Second Millennium BC
    • Riverine and desert-based populations of ancient Nubia
    • Processes of cultural exchange and interaction
    • Material culture and identity
    • Evolutionary approaches to material culture analysis