Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jozef Keckes

Function: Vice Chair Material Physics / Group Leader
Room: 303
Phone: +43(0)3842-804-303
E-Mail: jozef.keckes(at)


Micro- and Nanostructure Characterization and Micro- and Nanomechanics


In-situ X-ray scattering on micro- and nano-scaled materials, structure and mechanical properties of thin films, structure-property relationship in biological materials, application of synchrotron radiation, XRD, SAXS, WAXS, GISAXS


Materialkundliche Arbeitsverfahren/Metallkundliche Arbeitsverfahren, Seminar aus Werkstoffphysik I and II, Übungen zu Materialkundliche Arbeitsverfahren




  • 20 Hz synchrotron X-ray diffraction analysis in laser-pulsed WC-Co hard metal reveals oscillatory stresses and reversible composite plastification
    D. Gruber, D. Kiefer, R. Roessler, F. Beckmann, M. Tkadletz, T. Kluensner, C. Czettl, J. Keckes, J. Gibmeier
    Int. J. Refract. Met. Hard Mat.82, 121-128 (2019)
  • Facile preparation of superhydrophobic wood surfaces via spraying of aqueous alkyl ketene dimer dispersions
    B. Arminger, W. Gindl-Altmutter, J. Keckes, C. Hansmann
    RSC ADVANCES9, 24357-24367 (2019)
  • In situ analysis of the effect of high heating rates and initial microstructure on the formation and homogeneity of austenite
    A. Eggbauer, M. Lukas, G. Ressel, P. Prevedel, F. Mendez-Martin, J. Keckes, A. Stark, R. Ebner
    J. Mater. Sci.54, 9197-9212 (2019)
  • Characterization of the chips generated by the nanomachining of germanium for X-ray crystal optics
    Z. Zaprazny, D. Korytar, M. Jergel, Y. Halahovets, M. Kotlar, I. Matko, J. Hagara, P. Siffalovic, J. Keckes, E. Majkova
    Int. J. Adv. Manuf. Technol.102, 2757-2767 (2019)
  • Annealing-assisted high-pressure torsion in Zr(55)Cu(30)Al(10)Ni(5 )metallic glass
    B. Sarac, F. Spieckermann, A. Rezvan, C. Gammer, L. Kraemer, J.T. Kim, J. Keckes, R. Pippan, J. Eckert
    J. Alloy. Compd.784, 1323-1333 (2019)
  • Surface structuring by Electron Beam for improved soft tissues adhesion and reduced bacterial contamination on Ti-grade 2
    S. Ferraris, F. Warchomicka, C. Ramskogler, M. Tortello, A. Cochis, A. Scalia, G.G. di Confiengo, J. Keckes, L. Rimondini, S. Spriano
    J. Mater. Process. Technol.266, 518-529 (2019)
  • Gradients of microstructure, stresses and mechanical properties in a multi-layered diamond thin film revealed by correlative cross-sectional nano-analytics
    D.P. Gruber, J. Todt, N. Woehrl, J. Zalesak, M. Tkadletz, A. Kubec, S. Niese, M. Burghammer, M. Rosenthal, H. Sternschulte, M.J. Pfeifenberger, B. Sartory, J. Keckes
    Carbon144, 666-674 (2019)
  • Biomimetic hard and tough nanoceramic Ti-Al-N film with self-assembled six-level hierarchy
    M. Meindlhumer, J. Zalesak, R. Pitonak, J. Todt, B. Sartory, M. Burghummer, A. Stark, N. Schell, D. Rostislav, J.F. Keckes, M. Lessiak, A. Köpf, R. Weißenbacher, J. Keckes
    Nanoscale2019,11, 7986-7995 (2019)
  • Structure-stress relationships in nanocrystalline multilayered Al0.7Cr0.3N/Al0.9Cr0.1N coatings studied by cross-sectional X-ray nanodiffraction
    S. Klima, N. Jäger, H. Hruby, C. Mitterer, J.F. Keckes, M. Burghammer, R. Daniel
    Materials and Design170 (2019), 107702 (2019)
  • Anisotropy of fracture toughness in nanostructured ceramics controlled by grain boundary design
    D. Rostislav, M. Meindlhumer, W. Baumegger, J. Todt, J. Zalesak, T. Ziegelwanger, C. Mitterer, J. Keckes
    Materials and Design, 80-85 (2019)