Nanospd8 conference in Bangalore, India


From 26 February to 3 March, the Nanospd8 conference took place in Bangalore, India. This Conference series, where researchers working in the field of severe plastic deformation in 3 parallel sessions met, is the prime forum for nanostructured bulk materials and offers an excellent platform for researchers to meet colleagues from different countries and research fields to collaborate with in the future. Andrea Bachmaier presented a plenary lecture on magnetic materials by severe plastic deformation. Moreover, Manoel Kasalo, Lukas Weissitsch, Alexander Paulischin and Simon Pillmeier gave presentations about their PhD research. The intensive and interesting lectures and the following discussions during the conference and in the free time in the evening gave a good opportunity to deepen the fundamental understanding of scientific problems in the field of severe plastic deformation. Finally, the conference dinner was used to network with colleagues from other universities.