Caucasus Digital Repository


The Caucasus Digital Repository project aims to improve the accessibility and storage of both primary and secondary materials for research into the history and cultures of the Caucasus region. One of the traditional problems in Caucasiology is the number of barriers of language and accessibility that can prevent cross-border discussions of ideas, reduce the extent to which Caucasian research is properly considered in neighbouring disciplines, and require the re-invention of concepts and ideas as previous research fades into unavailability. The CDR aims to alleviate some of these problems by providing improved protocols and systems for both storing and retrieving digital resources. This will include developing long-term storage protocols for Caucasus related material through international repositories, a central cataloguing system to make it easier to find documents across different institutions and archives, and work both with international academics and partners from the region to identify and address particular challenges in accessing and cataloguing material and how we can best overcome them.


Dr. James Baillie