Lyndelle Webster

BSc, BEng, MA, MRes

+43 1 51581-6107

Short Biography

Studied Physics and Engineering (Australian National University, 2005 and the University of Melbourne, 2007; both 1st class hons). Completed masters studies in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology at Tel Aviv University (MA, Summa Cum Laude, 2015) and Macquarie University (MRes, 2016). She is currently a member of the START project, “Tracing Transformations in the southern Levant from collapse to consolidation in the mid-second millennium BC“, with PhD studies at the University of Vienna and Macquarie University.

Research Interests

  • Chronology, radiocarbon dating and Bayesian statistics
  • Archaeology of the Levant during the Bronze and Iron Ages
  • Ancient water systems
Mitglied der Forschungsgruppe




  • (together with S. Wimmer, K. Streit and F. Höflmayer) A new hieratic inscription from Tel Lachish. Journal of Egyptian Archaeology.
  • (together with F. Höflmayer, H. Misgav and K. Streit) A new inscription from Tel Lachish provides the missing link for the development of early alphabetic writing in the ancient Near East. Antiquity.


  • (together with K. Streit, M. W. Dee and F. Höflmayer) New radiocarbon-based assessment supports the prominence of Tel Lachish during Late Bronze Age IB-IIA. Radiocarbon 61: 1711–1727.
  • (together with K. Streit, M.W. Dee, I. Hajdas and F. Höflmayer) Identifying the Lachish of Papyrus Hermitage 1116A verso and the Amarna Letters: implications of new radiocarbon dating. Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 21: 88–99.
  • (together with S. Kleiman, I. Koch, K. Berendt, O. Sergi, M. Oeming, Y. Gadot and O. Lipschits) Late Bronze Age Azekah – an almost forgotten story. In: The Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages of Southern Canaan, edited by A. M. Maeir, I. Shai and C. McKinny, 37–61. Berlin: De Gruyter.


  • (together with K. Streit, V. Becker, A.-K. Jeske, H. Misgav and H. Höflmayer) Between destruction and diplomacy in Canaan: the Austrian-Israeli expedition to Tel Lachish. Near Eastern Archaeology 81(4): 259–268.
  • (together with O. Sergi, S. Kleiman, O. Lipschits, Q. Hua, G. Jacobsen, Y. Tristant and Y. Gadot) Preliminary radiocarbon results for Late Bronze Age strata at Tel Azekah and their implications. Radiocarbon 60, 309–331.


  • (together with S. B. O’Byrne, A. F. Houwing) Determination of temperature distributions in air using a Scanning Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser. In: Z. Alwahabi, B. Dally, P. Kalt, G. Nathan, C. Wong (eds.), Proceedings of the 4th Australian Conference on Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics and Combustion, University of Adelaide, School of Mechanical Engineering, Adelaide, 141–144.

Detailed Biography

Detailed Biography


  • 2017 – present
    Cotutelle PhD candidate, Macquarie University and the University of Vienna.
    Working title of thesis: A synchronised chronology for the Late Bronze Age southern Levant and Egypt: a radiocarbon dating perspective (supervision: F. Höflmayer, Y. Gadot, Y. Tristant)
  • 2016
    Macquarie University. MRes (Ancient History). Thesis: Development of a Radiocarbon-based chronology for Tel Azekah: the first stage (supervision: Y. Tristant, Y. Gadot)
  • 2015
    Tel Aviv University. MA (Archaeology and History of the Land of the Bible). Summa Cum Laude.
  • 2008–2012
    Employed as a hydraulic and civil engineer
  • 2007
    University of Melbourne. BEng (Civil), 1st class honours.
    Honours project: Minoan Tapered Water Pipes
  • 2005
    Australian National University. BSc (Physics), 1st class honours.
    Honours project: Development of a Diode Laser Temperature Distribution Sensor


Scholarships & Awards

  • 2017–present
    PhD funding within the START-project of Dr Felix Höflmayer (FWF project No. Y-932)

  • 2019
    ANSTO Research Grant (12218) for 14C dating at Pella, Jordan

  • 2018
    Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Fund (PGRF) Grant for research at Pella, Jordan
    Macquarie University Arts Faculty Conference Travel Scheme
    ANSTO Research Grant (11332) for 14C dating at Gezer, Israel

  • 2017
    ASOR Heritage Excavation Fellowship (Gezer, Israel)

  • 2016
    ANSTO research grant (10344) for 14C dating at Azekah, Israel
    Wenkart Foundation research grant
    Wolf Family Scholarship
    Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship

  • 2015
    AINSE Post Graduate Research Award for radiocarbon dating
    Sir Asher Joel Scholarship
    MQU Research Training Pathway Scholarship

  • 2013
    Tel Aviv University Institute of Archaeology Scholarship

  • 2010
    Nomination, Consult Australia Future Leaders Award

  • 2007
    Hydraulic Engineering Graduates' Prize

  • 2005
    The Australian National University Honours Scholarship

  • 2002
    ANUTECH Engineering Scholarship

  • 2001
    Australian National University Women in Engineering Scholarship


Field Experience

  • 2019
    Tel Lachish: area supervisor, 14C specialist, coordinator for digital archaeology
    Khirbet el-Rai: 14C specialist
    Uronarti: 14C specialist

  • 2017–2018      
    Tel Lachish: 14C specialist, coordinator for digital archaeology
    Tel Gezer: 14C specialist

  • 2015–2016
    Azekah: assistant area supervisor, 14C specialist

  • 2014
    Megiddo and Timna: student

  • 2012
    Tel es-Safi: student



  • American Schools of Oriental Research
  • Society of Biblical Literature

Presented Papers

Presented Papers

Recent Lectures


  • University of Sydney Near Eastern Seminar Series: Revisiting Lachish and its Egyptian connections at the beginning of the Late Bronze Age: a contribution from radiocarbon dating (16.11.2020).


  • American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, San Diego: The Middle to Late Bronze Age transition from a 14C perspective: contribution of the “Tracing Transformations” project (23.11.2019).
  • Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem: The Austrian-Israeli Expedition to Lachish after three seasons of excavation (together with F. Höflmayer and K. Streit) (31.10.2020).
  • Tel Lachish field school: Introduction to radiocarbon dating + 14C chronology of the Middle Bronze III to Late Bronze Age IIA in the southern Levant(31.07.2019).
  • Khirbet el-Rai field school: Re-evaluating Late Bronze Age chronology in the southern Levant from a radiocarbon dating perspective(08.07.2019).
  • Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology (OREA), Austrian Academy of Sciences: Re-evaluating Late Bronze Age chronology in the southern Levant and synchronisations with Egypt: a radiocarbon dating perspective (05.06.2019).
  • Khirbet el-Rai field school: Introduction to radiocarbon dating + results of recent 14C research on the Late Bronze Age Shephelah (12.02.2019).


  • Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Denver: Developing a radiocarbon-based chronology at Tel Gezer (18.11.2018).
  • American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, Denver: New radiocarbon-based chronologies for city-states of the Late Bronze Age Shephelah (15.11.2018).
  • Macquarie University Department of Ancient History Research Seminar, Sydney: Re-evaluating the dating of Late Bronze IB–IIA strata at Tel Lachish and Tel Azekah with radiocarbon, and implications for synchronisation with Egypt (04.09.2018).
  • Tel Azekah field school: Radiocarbon dating Tel Azekah and neighbouring Shephelah sites: current results and some implications(31.07.2018).
  • Tel Lachish field school: Introduction to radiocarbon dating, and its application at Tel Lachish (18.07.2018).
  • 23rd International Radiocarbon Conference, Trondheim:Radiocarbon dating of Late Bronze Age sites in the Shephelah region: Re-evaluating synchronisations with Egypt (18.06.2018).
  • 11th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Munich: Southern Levantine Late Bronze Age Chronology and Egyptian Interactions from a Radiocarbon Perspective (07.04.2018).


  • American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, Boston: A Radiocarbon-Based Chronology for Late Bronze Age Tel Azekah (17.11.2017)
  • Tel Gezer Excavation field school, Israel: Introduction to radiocarbon dating (07.06.2017).
  • Late Bronze Age Chronology and Connections in the Eastern Mediterranean, conference at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna: Tel Azekah: Radiocarbon evidence from MB III and LB IIA-III (11.05.2017)
  • Macquarie University Ancient History Department seminar, Sydney: Dating the Late Bronze Age Shephelah: Initial radiocarbon results from Tel Azekah (10.03.2017)