Wed, 19.10.2022 18:30

»The Role of Simplicity and Linking in the Practice of Digital Archaeology«

Lecture | Vienna

Pompeii: Detail of wall painting in the House of the Floral Cubicula (I.9.5) depicting a plaque with an Egyptian bull set within a naturalistic scene. Courtesy of Jackie and Bob Dunn (CC-BY-SA-NC)
»The Role of Simplicity and Linking in the Practice of Digital Archaeology«

Sebastian Heath | New York University


Based on working examples, this talk explores how maintaining a focus on robust and simple structures within archaeological information and on ensuring that entities can be linked to each other allows for flexibility in the creation and public presentation of digitized archaeological resources. The examples range from work at Pompeii, at Kenchreai in Greece, in the field of numismatics, and on smaller datasets as part of individual research. This work illustrates the principles of Linked Open Data (LOD) and the Semantic Web, with an emphasis on how these practices support data reuse and reproducible research. One result can be greater interoperability between disparate digital resources on the public internet.


This lecture is presented in cooperation with the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH) as part of the OeAI and ACDH-CH Lecture Series.




19 October 2022, 6.30 pm

Campus Akademie, Seminarraum 1, Postgasse 7-9, 1010 Vienna


Thomas Schwarnthorer