Developing participatory solutions for ethical and legal challenges of new information technologies

Technical innovations and new regulations lead to permanent changes in the IT landscape. Society, politics and the economy are expected to adapt quickly to these new conditions. The EU PANELFIT project aims to help shape these processes in such a way that innovation opportunities can be exploited without impairing fundamental rights and security. The ITA is mainly responsible for the topic Security and Cyber Security.

PANELFIT (Participatory Approaches to a New Ethical and Legal Framework for ICT) aims to facilitate the processes of adaptation to new technical possibilities and legal frameworks with a set of editable, openly accessible guidelines. Once completed, these guidelines shall serve as operational standards capable of reducing ethical and legal problems posed by information and communication technologies while fostering innovation and market growth. These guidelines will be developed in a broad, participatory co-creation process. The ITA is mainly responsible for the topics security and cyber security.

Commercialization of data, informed consent and security as key issues

The commercialisation of data is constantly increasing and benefits from ambiguities about the regulation of such activities. A careless approach to the principle of informed consent to data processing is a worrying practice which, among other things, leads to a widespread loss of control over one's own data. Security breaches open up access to the sensitive personal data of thousands and thousands of EU citizens. PANELFIT's work will focus mainly on these three issues. Assistance will be provided in the enforcement of existing legal regulations, in the discussion of the need for adaptation and in the identification of regulatory gaps.

Planned instruments and activities

  • A compendium of the legal framework for data protection and informed consent, data commercialisation and security and cyber-security issues.
  • A critical analysis of the EU legal framework, in particular of ethical issues not adequately addressed in the General Data Protection Regulation and of open legal issues within EU regulations.
  • The creation of an interactive platform for mutual learning to serve as a reference forum for researchers, stakeholders and policy makers.
  • A series of activities dedicated to improving knowledge of the new legal framework and ethical and legal issues in selected communities - such as research and journalism - and among citizens in general. To this end, PANELFIT will develop handbooks, codes of conduct and information kits, and organise a variety of participation and dissemination initiatives, including monthly chats, MOOC courses, information and teaching events and public debates.

This EU project is coordinated by the Universidad del Pais Vasco (UPV) and comprises twelve other European partner institutions from the fields of technology assessment, university and academic research, IT consulting, citizen science, research ethics, data protection, media and consulting.

The ITA is mainly responsible for the topic Security/Cyber Security.



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Conference Papers/Speeches

Conference Papers/Speeches


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