Prof. Dr.

Shervin Farridnejad

+43 1 51581-6500



Prof. Dr. Shervin Farridnejad holds the professorship of Iranian Studies at the Asia-Africa Institute of the University of Hamburg since September 2022. He also heads the MA programme "Manuscript Cultures" (website) at the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC) at the University of Hamburg.

He studied ancient and middle Iranian philology, Iranian religions (with a special focus on Zoroastrianism), and art history at the University of Tehran, TMU and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, where he received his PhD in 2014 with an interdisciplinary philological, art historical and religious studies thesis on the iconographic exegesis of the anthropomorphic divine images in Zoroastrianism (Harrssowitz 2018). He then worked as a research assistant, post-doc and deputy professor at the Free University of Berlin (2016-2023), the University of Vienna (2018) and the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

Prof. Farridnejad served as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Institute of Iranian Studies (IFI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) in Vienna between 2016-2020 with a project on "Zoroastrian Religious Literature in Classical New Persian and Gujarati: A Critical Study of Their Origins, Continuity, and Content together with an Annotated Edition of Ṣad Dar "Hundred Chapters/Gates (a New-Persian Catechetical Treatise Available in Several Versions of Prose and Verse)."