Bakhtiyar Babadjanov

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Bakhtiyar Babadjanov currently is a researcher at the Institute of Iranian Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences within the framework of the START Project Seeing Like an Archive: Documents and Forms of Governance in Islamic Central Asia (18–19th Centuries), funded by FWF (Austrian Science Fund). Previously, from 1990 to 2017, Bakhtiyar Babadjanov worked at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences. In 1996–2014, Dr. Babadjanov participated in 12 international projects on research of Sufism, studies of Russian colonization in Central Asia, and the history of khanates. In 2004–2012 he worked at universities in the USA, Japan, France, Russia as a visiting professor. His main interest lies in the study of the history of Sufism in Central Asia, Islamic Epigraphy, the History of Islam in the Colonial and Soviet periods, and the history of "Soviet Orientalism in the East".


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