Ariane Sadjed

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Main Areas of Research

Main Areas of Research

  • Cultural History of Iran
  • Jews in the Middle East
  • Diaspora, Migration and Transnationalism
  • Ethnic and Religious Identity
  • Oral History
  • Islam, Modernity and Secularism

Selected Publications

Selected Publications


  • Carment, David  und Ariane Sadjed (eds.) (2017): Diaspora as Cultures of  Cooperation. Global and Local Perspectives. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 
  • Kukovetz, Brigitte, Ariane Sadjed und Annette Sprung (eds.) (2014): (K)ein Hindernis? Strategien von Fachkräften mit Migrationsgeschichte in der Erwachsenenbildung. (No Barriers?!Strategies of Skilled Migrants to Promote their Careers in the Field of Continuing Education), Wien:Löcker. 
  • Sadjed, Ariane (2012): Shopping for Freedom in der Islamischen Republik. Widerstand und Konformismus im Konsumverhalten der iranischen Mittelschicht. (Shopping for Freedom in the Islamic Republic. Resistance and Conformity in the Consumption Behavior of the Iranian Middle Class), Bielefeld: transcript.


Book chapters

  • Sadjed, Ariane (2021): “Do Rebels Pray at Home? Religious Dissent in Iran”, in: Roman Loimeyer (ed.): Negotiating the Religious in Everyday Life in Muslim Contexts, Göttingen Universitätsverlag.
  • Sadjed, Ariane (2016): „The Influence of Islamophobia on Religious and Ethnic Identification Among the Iranian Diaspora in Germany“, in: Carment and Sadjed (eds.): Diaspora as Cultures of Cooperation. Basingstoke:Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Sadjed, Ariane (2015): “Islam und (Ir-)Rationalitäten westlicher Governance”,in: Doron Kiesel and Ronald Lutz (eds.): Religion und Politik. Analysen, Kontroversen, Fragen, Frankfurt/New York:Campus.



  • Sadjed A. (2021). Conversion, Identity, and Memory in Iranian-Jewish Historiography: The Jews of Mashhad. International Journal of Middle East Studies 1–17. https://doi.org/10.1017/S0020743821000039.
  • Sadjed, Ariane (2016): Consumer Culture and the Design of a Modern Self in Iran: The Cultivation of Mind and Body in Iranian Lifestyle Magazines. Review of Social Studies (RoSS) 3(1).
  • Sadjed, Ariane/Sprung, Annette/Kukovetz, Brigitte (2015): The use of migration-related competencies in continuing education. Individual strategies, social and institutional conditions, in: Studies in Continuing Education 37(3).
  • Sadjed, Ariane (2013): Fallstricke der Säkularisierung, in: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte 24 (June), Bonn. 



  • David M. Faris and Babak Rami (eds.): Social Media in Iran. Politics and Society after 2009. Suny 2012, in: Middle East Topics and Arguments 7/2017.
  • Parvin Alizadeh and Hassan Hakimian: Iran and the Global Economy: Petro populism, Islam, and economic sanctions. Routledge 2014, in: Journal of International and Global Studies Vol. 7(2)/2016.
  • Yasemin Shooman: “Weil ihre Kultur so ist...” Narrative des anti muslimischen Rassismus. transcript 2014, in: Neue politische Literatur. Berichte aus Geschichts- und Politikwissenschaft. TU Darmstadt 2/2015.


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