Defining the Caucasus

Defining the Caucasus: problems of controlled vocabularies. By James Baillie



Webinar series: Caucasus Studies

A new Online Lecture Series of the Institute of Iranian Studies and the Kaukasusforum at the Austrian Academy of Sciences

The online lecture series provides a new cross-disciplinary forum for academic conversations and exchange on Caucasus Studies. It offers an opportunity for a broad academic public to engage with the current research of scholars at various career stages. Adopting an inclusive approach, the “Caucasus Studies” webinar series is open to fields and themes ranging from philology and linguistics to history and social sciences and from antiquity to the contemporary period.

The lectures of the academic year 2022-23 are organized by Giorgio Rota and Paolo Sartori.

Webinar series: Caucasus studies (Programm 2022/23)


Current projects

Caucasus Digital Repository

Caucasus Digital Repository (CDR)