Dipl.-Ing. Markus Alfreider

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Deformation Mechanisms of Nano-Porous Hexagonal Metals


  • In situ fracture observations of distinct interface types within a fully lamellar intermetallic TiAl alloy
    M. Burtscher, M. Alfreider, K. Schmuck, H. Clemens, S. Mayer, D. Kiener
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  • Extracting information from noisy data: strain mapping during dynamic in situ SEM experiments
    M. Alfreider, M. Meindlhumer, V. Maier-Kiener, A. Hohenwarter, D. Kiener
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  • Prospects of Using Small Scale Testing to Examine Different Deformation Mechanisms in Nanoscale Single Crystals - A Case Study in MG
    D. Kiener, J. Jeong, M. Alfreider, R. Konetschnik, S. Ho Oh
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  • Adressing Fracture Properties of Individual Constituents Within a Cu-WTi-SiOx-Si Multilayer
    M. Alfreider, J. Zechner, D. Kiener
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  • Correlation between fracture characteristics and valence elctron concentration of sputtered Hf-C-N based thin films
    T. Glechner, S. Lang, R. Hahn, M. Alfreider, V. Moraes, D. Primetzhofer, J. Ramm, S. Kolozsvari, D. Kiener, H. Riedl
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  • An analytical solution for the correct determination of crack lengths via cantilever stiffness
    M. Alfreider, S. Kolitsch, S. Wurster, D. Kiener
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  • Probing defect relaxation in ultra-fine grained Ta using micromechanical spectroscopy
    M. Alfreider, I. Issa, O. Renk, D. Kiener
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  • Rate limiting deformation mechanisms of bcc metals in confined volumes
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  • Bioinspired nacre-like alumina with a bulk-metallic glass-forming alloy as a compliant phase
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  • In-situ TEM observation of {101¯2} twin-dominated deformation of Mg pillars: Twinning mechanism, size effects and rate dependency
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