Thu, 11.05.2023 – 13.05.2023

Πόλις – Ἱερόν – Χώρα

Conference | Münster

»Πόλις – Ἱερόν – Χώρα: Wirtschaftliche und religiöse Dynamiken in der vernetzten Umwelt des Artemisions von Ephesos«


Since the discovery of the Ephesian Artemision, scholarly interest has focused primarily on the development of the temple into one of the Seven Wonders of the World as well as on the cult activities at the altar. The neglect of other areas within the temenos distorted the understanding of the multifunctionality of the sanctuary and its manifold connections of administrative, economic and not least religious nature. The interdisciplinary conference therefore aims to address these connections to the polis, to the extensive possessions in the Kaystros Valley and beyond. The primary aim is to gain a better understanding of the numerous ways in which the famous extra-urban sanctuary functioned by means of detailed case studies.



May 11–13, 2023

Fürstenberghaus, Raum: F2 / F073 (Domplatz 20–22, 48143 Münster)

Cluster of Excellence »Religion und Politik«/Münster, OeAW-OeAI

Astrid Pircher