Mon, 05.12.2022 9:00

»Artemis in der Taberna«

Workshop | Vienna

Ephesos, Terrace House 2, Room 45b (© OeAW-OeAI/V. Fugger)

This interdisciplinary workshop investigates the relationship between the city and religion. On the basis of case studies, it aims at discussing how religious practices relate to, and appropriate urban habitats in the ancient Mediterranean. Vice versa, it will be asked how an urban environment is particularly suitable for »religious markings« by individuals and groups or communities of different social background and identities, who act as religious agents and locate themselves in various ways within the urban fabric. In order to obtain a picture as comprehensive as possible across several periods, the workshop’s contributions range from the Hellenistic to Byzantine times examining the dynamic relationship between urban space and religion diachronically in Graeco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian traditions.  






5-6 December, 9 am

Hollandstraße 11-13, 1st floor, 1020 Vienna
Please register at verena.fugger(at) or anna.rieger(at) by 27 November

OeAW-OeAI; Graz University

Thomas Schwarnthorer