The working papers of the ITA

In this series ITA presents its own research results in the form of working papers and publishes contributions of guests of ITA. The articles are refereed internally twice. The responsible editor for ITA is Tanja Sinozic-Martinez.

The ITA Manu:scripts are published on EPUB.OEAW and are also available at RePEc.

ISSN (online): 1681-9187

Da wir die Manu:scripte je nach Art und Arbeitssprache des jeweiligen Projektes publizieren, kann die folgende Liste zu jener in deutscher Sprache leicht variieren. 

  • Nentwich, M. (2016). Parliamentary Technology Assessment Institutions and Practices. A Systematic Comparison of 15 Members of the EPTA Network. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-16-02
  • Del Savio, L., Buyx, A., & Prainsack, B. (2016). Opening the black box of participation in medicine and healthcare. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-16-01
  • Pfeiffer, S. (2015). Effects of Industry 4.0 on vocational education and training. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-15-04
  • Narodoslawsky, M. (2014). Utilising Bio-resources: Rational Strategies for a Sustainable Bio-economy. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-14-02
  • Mager, A. (2013). In search of ideology. Socio-cultural dimensions of Google and alternative search engines. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-13-02
  • Torgersen, H., Bogner, A., & Kastenhofer, K. (2013). The Power of Framing in Technology Governance: The Case of Biotechnologies. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-13-01
  • Ming, X. (2012). e-Participation in Government Decision-Making in China. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-12-01
  • Sotoudeh, M., Peissl, W., Gudowsky, N., & Jacobi, A. (2011). CIVISTI method for futures studies with strong participative elements. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-11-03
  • Aichholzer, G., & Allhutter, D. (2011). Online forms of political participation and their impact on democracy. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-11-02
  • Braun, E. (2010). The Changing Role of Technology in Society. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-10-03
  • Degelsegger, A., & Torgersen, H. (2010). Instructions for being unhappy with PTA – The impact on PTA of Austrian technology policy experts´ conceptualisation of the public. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-10-02
  • Aichholzer, G., & Allhutter, D. (2009). e-Participation in Austria: Trends and Public Policies. Wien. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-09-01
  • Aichholzer, G. (2002). Delphi Austria: An Example of Tailoring Foresight to the Needs of a Small Country, ITA manu:script, ITA-01-02, December. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-01-02
  • Peissl, W. (2002). Surveillance and Security – A Dodgy Relationship, ITA manu:script, ITA-02-02, January. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-02-02
  • Torgersen, H., & Hampel J.,. (2002). The Gate-Resonance Model The Interface of Policy, Media and the Public in Technology Conflicts, ITA manu:script, ITA-01-03, December. doi:10.1553/ITA-ms-01-03
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