Corona: Who advises whom and how?

Scientific expertise plays a central role in the Corona crisis. Where does politics stand in this? A new project investigates what challenges arise for policy advice in chronic crises.

Graphic: ITA

"The Corona pandemic has once again made clear how important scientific expertise can be for political decisions. But what requirements must it meet in order to be considered credible? And what role does it play when expertise itself is instrumentalised politically?" says Alexander Bogner, project leader of this KIRAS project and award-winning sociologist. At the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, he investigates the consequences of technology conflicts and the handling of expert knowledge.

The aim of his new project "Epistemic Security" is to examine the working methods and political functions of Corona-specific advisory bodies through an international comparison and to compare them with the Austrian model in order to analyse strengths and weaknesses.

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Project Website: Epistemic Security (EPISTEMIS)