Mag. Dr.

Simon Hadler


Born 1980 in Graz, Mag.phil. Dr.phil.

Studies in History and Philosophy at the University of Graz. Member of the Graduate School „Austrian Galicia and its Multicultural Heritage” at the University of Vienna (2007–2010), 2012 graduation in East European History. 2011–2013 Junior Researcher in the FWF-project „Shifting Memories – Manifest Monuments. Memories of the Turks and Other Enemies“ at the Institute of Cultural Studies (Austrian Academy of Sciences), 2014–2016 Postdoc in the International Graduate School „Religious Cultures in 19th and 20th-century Europe” and at the Department of History of East and Southeast Europe at the LMU in Munich. Currently Scientific Project Officer at the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

Aereas of Specialization

History of Central Europe (17.–20. century), Memory Cultures, Urban History, History of Religion