Dr. phil. 

Michaela Kuklová



born 1975 in Brno, Mag. Dr. phil.
M.A.-level studies in Czech and German Philology of the Philosophical Fakulty at the Masaryk University Brno, PhD studies at the Departament of  German Philology at Vienna University; Lecturer at Department for Translation Studies (since 2004) and at Department of Slavonic Studies (2004-2010) of Vienna University; researcher and coordinator of encyclopedia project "German Spoken Theater in the Bohemian Lands in the 19th Century at the Arts and Theater Institute", Prag (2012).

Areas of specialization

German and Czech literature and theater history;  culture and literature theory;  memory cultures; concepts of identity

Theatre and cultural history of the Habsburg Monarchy, especially the Bohemian Lands (19th and 20th centuries); theatre studies as culture studies; theatre historiography; memory cultures; concepts of identity 

Responsibilities at IKT

Researcher in the project "Actor Autobiographies as Sites to Negotiate Cultural Identities"