Markéta Bajgerová Verly


T: (+43 1) 515 81-3331


Born 1995 in Prague (Czech Republic), MA, MA
MA in Politics and History at the University of Glasgow. 2017-2019 research associate at the Institute of International Relations in Prague: research and publications on the topic of emotions in International Relations. Simultaneously, in 2018, research on Northeast Asian politics at the institute’s Center for EU-Asia Relations. 2018-2020, Yenching Academy scholar at Peking University and recipient of its full scholarship. Mandarin intensive language enrichment scholarship at Peking University. 2018-2019 leading of a Yenching Academy funded Dean’s Grant project mapping 30 museums and memorial sites across China devoted to the memorialization of China’s WWII experience under Japanese occupation. Further expansion of the research on China's WWII museums in her MA thesis. 2020 obtaining MA in China Studies with a focus on Politics and International Relations at Peking University. Since 2020 PhD thesis focusing on museums and memorials in China: for this purpose, she is employed in the GMM project at the Institute of Culture Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a PhD student at the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna.

Areas of Specialization

Memory politics in China with the focus on Sino-Japanese War. Political narratives and critical theory in Political Science. The emotional turn in International Relations.

Publications (selection)

(Together with Ljiljana Radonić) Produktionsspionage in Sachen Erinnerungsgeschäft. Xi Jinping und die Geschichtspolitik, in: sans phrase 22/2023, S. 39-41.

Survivors, victims and soldiers as figures of nationalism: Representations of women in the War of Resistance against Japan museums in mainland China, in: East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 10/2022, pp. 291-309.

When War Feels Right: Emotions and the Origins of International Conflict, in: [X]Position 11/2017, pp. 1-6.