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Israeli living in Vienna. BA and MA studies in History at Tel Aviv University (1978-1984).  PhD studies in Cultural Studies at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. 1993 PhD. Post-doc at Tel Aviv University and Columbia University, NY. Research project: Jewish Intellectuals in Exile 1933-194.
1978-1985 worked as political analyst at the Israeli Defense Ministry, writing the history of Israel-Egypt Peace Process. (10 volumes, in the ministry archives).
1995-2006  staff (tenure truck) at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel and taught Cultural Studies.
Since 2006 I live in Vienna, and taught topics in Israel Studies at the University of Vienna, Institute for Judaic Studies. 2012 established The Center for Israel Studies. Since 2014 I am the Secretary General of the Center.

Areas of Specialization

20th century Intellectual history, Jewish Intellectuals in Exile.


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