VLACH symbol for German varieties

VLACH uses the following system for the transcription of German dialects. It is based on rules of standard German pronunciation and add missing phonemes from IPA. The following is based on our Sathmar Swabian collection. Further symbols will be introduced after incorporating other collections.                                                          

IPA  listen  VLACHphonetic descriptionexample (translation)
aAanear-open central unrounded vowelNáma (name)
bBbvoiced bilabial plosivebléiba(to stay)
cK'k'voiceless palatal plosiveK'írche (church)
çChchvoiceless palatal fricativeich (I)
dDdvoiced alveolar plosiveDuárf (village)
eEe(close-)mid front unrounded vowelÉltera (parent)
əƏəmid central unrounded vowelSchóugə(brother in law)
ɛƐɛopen-mid front unrounded vowelschwεtzt (speaks)
Mädla (girl)
fFfvoiceless labiodental fricativeuf (on)
ɡGgvoiced velar plosivegrába (to burrow)
hHhvoiceless glottal fricativehɔt (had)
iIiclose front unrounded vowelischt (is)
jJjpalatal approximant (sometimes fricative)gsaj (my/mine), Jɔr (year)
kKkvoiceless velar plosivekómma (to come)
lLlalveolar lateral approximantlang (long)
mMmbilabial nasalMuátter (mother)
n, ŋ▶, Nnalveolar nasalnna (to know), eng (narrow)
o (ɔ)Oo(close-)mid back rounded vowelgnómma (took)
ɔƆɔopen-mid back rounded vowelschwɔ́bisch  (Swabian)
   closed öVö́gele (bird)
pPpvoiceless bilabial plosiveSpeck(pork fat)
rRralveolar trill or tapstark(strong)
ʁʁʁvoiced uvular fricativeind. staʁk (strong)
s (s̠)Ss ßßvoiceless alveolar sibilantschieß(to shoot)
ʃSch schvoiceless palato-alveolar sibilantschlägt (strikes)
tTtvoiceless alveolar plosiveTaitz(German)
t͡sTz tzvoiceless alveolar sibilant affricateschwätza (to speak)
t͡ʃTsch tschvoiceless palato-alveolar affricateMentsch (human)
uUuclose back rounded vowelNóchbau (neighbour)
vWwvoiced labiodental fricativeWírtshaus (inn)
wŬŭvoiced labio-velar approximantura (peasant)
xCh chvoiceless velar fricativechzeit (wedding)
yÜüclose front rounded vowelübernómma (to take)
zSsvoiced alveolar sibilantsáufa (to drink)
SaSw    Sathmar Swabian