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Attrill ST and Dolan L (2024) Microtubules and actin filaments direct nuclear movement during the polarisation of Marchantia spore cells. bioRxiv:2024.02.23.581750.

Matzinger M, Schmücker A, Yelagandula R, et al. (2024) Micropillar arrays, wide window acquisition and AI-based data analysis improve comprehensiveness in multiple proteomic applications. Nat Commun 15(1):1019.

Bubis JA, Arrey TN, Damoc E, et al. (2024) Challenging the Astral™ mass analyzer — going beyond 5200 proteins per single-cell at unseen quantitative accuracy to study cellular heterogeneity. bioRxiv:2024.02.01.578358.

Butkovic A, Ellis TJ, González R, et al. (2024) Genetic basis of Arabidopsis thaliana responses to infection by naïve and adapted isolates of turnip mosaic virus. Elife 12:RP89749 preprintbioRxiv:2022.08.02.502433.

Hoffman-Sommer M, Pilka N, Anielska-Mazur A, et al. (2024) The Arabidopsis thaliana TRAPPIII subunit AtTRAPPC8/AtTRS85 is involved in ER functioning and autophagy. bioRxiv:2024.01.11.575191.

Merai Z, Graeber K, Xu F, et al. (2024) Long days induce adaptive secondary dormancy in seed of the Mediterranean plant Aethionema arabicum. bioRxiv:2024.01.08.574645.

Ellis TJ, Luke D, Barton NH (2024) Joint estimation of paternity, sibships and pollen dispersal in a snapdragon hybrid zone. bioRxiv:2024.01.05.574354.

Attrill ST and Dolan L (2024) KATANIN-mediated microtubule severing is required for MTOC formation and function in Marchantia polymorpha. bioRxiv:2024.01.04.574198.

Rogov VV, Nezis IP, Tsapras P, et al. (2023) Atg8 family proteins, LIR/AIM motifs and other interaction modes. Autophagy Rep. 2(1):2188523.

Chandler JO, Wilhelmssin PKI, Fernandez-Pozo N, et al. (2023) The dimorphic diaspore model Aethionema arabicum (Brassicaceae): Distinct molecular and morphological control of responses to parental and germination temperatures. biorxiv:2023.12.14.571707.

Zheng R, Matzinger M, Mayer RL, et al. (2023) A high-sensitivity low-nanoflow LC-MS configuration for high-throughput sample-limited proteomics. Anal Chem 95(51):18673-8 preprint bioRxiv:2023.04.27.538542.

Mayer RL and Mechtler K (2023) Immunopeptidomics in the Era of Single-Cell Proteomics. Biology (Basel) 12(12):1514.

Sammarco I, Díez Rodríguez B, Galanti D, et al. (2023) DNA methylation in the wild: epigenetic transgenerational inheritance can mediate adaptation in clones of wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca). New Phytol 241(4):1621-35.

Bradamante G, Nguyen VH, Incarbone M, et al. (2023) Two ARG ONAUTE proteins loaded with transposon-derived small RNAs are associated with the reproductive cell lineage in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell [epub] preprint bioRxiv:2022.01.25.477718.

Mulvey H and Dolan L (2023) RHO of plant signaling was established early in streptophyte evolution. Curr Biol 33(24):5515-25.

Hisanaga T and Berger F (2023) Plant reproduction: Ancient origins of male germline differentiation. Curr Biol 33(22):R1190-2

Montgomery SA and Berger F (2023) Paternal imprinting in Marchantia polymorpha. New Phytol 241(3):1000-6.

Wallner ES, Mair A, Handler D, et al. (2023) Spatially resolved proteomics of the stomatal lineage: polarity complexes for cell divisions and stomatal pores. bioRxiv:2023.11.03.564551.

Murphy PJ and Berger F (2023) The chromatin source-sink hypothesis: a shared mode of chromatin-mediated regulations. Development 150(21):dev201989.

De la Concepcion JC (2023) The exocyst complex is an evolutionary battleground in plant-microbe interactions. Curr Opin Plant Biol [epub].