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Schmitz RJ and Mittelsten Scheid O (2022) Editorial overview: COPB issue 2022 on "epigenetics and gene regulation". Curr Opin Plant Biol 70:102305.

Picchianti L, Sedivy A, Dagdas Y (2022) Characterization of ATG8-Family Interactors by Isothermal Titration Calorimetry. Methods Mol Biol 2581:149-76.

Provorov NA, Andronov EE, Kimeklis AK, et al. (2022) Microevolution, speciation and macroevolution in rhizobia: Genomic mechanisms and selective patterns. Front Plant Sci 13:1026943.

Rodríguez BD, Galanti D, Nunn A, et al. (2022) Epigenetic variation in the Lombardy poplar along climatic gradients is independent of genetic structure and persists across clonal reproduction. bioRxiv:2022.11.17.516862.

Stejskal K, Jeff OB, Matzinger M, et al. (2022) Deep Proteome Profiling with Reduced Carryover Using Superficially Porous Microfabricated nanoLC Columns. Anal Chem 94(46):15930-8.

 Latzel V, Fischer M, Groot M, et al. (2022) Parental environmental effects are common and strong, but unpredictable, in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytol [epub].

Zess EK, Dagdas Y, Peers E, et al. (2022) Regressive evolution of an effector following a host jump in the Irish Potato Famine Pathogen Lineage. PLoS Pathogen 18(10):e10918 preprint bioRxiv:2021.10.04.463104.

Hisanaga T, Wu S, Romani F, et al. (2022) Transposons repressed by H3K27me3 were co-opted as cis-regulatory elements of H3K27me3 controlled protein coding genes during evolution of plants. bioRxiv:2022.10.24.513474.

Zhao J, Bui MT, ..., Dagdas Y (2022) Plant autophagosomes mature into amphisomes prior to their delivery to the central vacuole. J Cell Biol 221(12):e202203139 preprint bioRxiv:2022.02.26.482093.

Galanti D, Ramous-Cruz D, Nunn A, et al. (2022) Genetic and environmental drivers of large-scale epigenetic variation in Thlaspi arvense. PLoS Genet 18(10):e1010452 preprint bioRxiv:2022.03.16.484610.

Matzinger M, Mueller E, Duernberger G, et al. (2022) Robust and easy-to-use one pot workflow for label free single cell proteomics. bioRxiv:2022.10.03.510693.

Streubel S, Deiber S, Roetzer J, et al. (2022) Meristem dormancy in a dichotomous branching system is regulated by a liverwort-specific miRNA and a clade III SPL gene in Marchantia polymorpha. bioRxiv:2022.10.03.510622.

Hüther P, Hagmann J, ..., Becker C (2022) MethylScore, a pipeline for accurate and context-aware identification of differentially methylated regions from population-scale plant whole-genome bisulfite sequencing data. Quant Plant Biol [epub].

Xu J, Wang Q, Wang S, et al. (2022) Comparative genomics of Sarcoptes scabiei provide new insights into adaptation to permanent parasitism and within-host species divergence. Transbound Emerg Dis [epub].

McWhite CD, Sae-Lee W, Yuan Y, et al. (2022) Alternative proteoforms and proteoform-dependent assemblies in humans and plants. bioRxiv:2022.09.21.508930.

Casey C, Köcher T, Champion C, et al. (2022) Reduced coenzyme Q synthesis confers non-target site resistance to the herbicide thaxtomin A. bioRxiv:2022.09.13.507736.

Sasaki E, Gunis J, Reichardt-Gomez I, et al. (2022) Conditional GWAS of non-CG transposon methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals major polymorphisms in five genes. PLoS Gene 18(9):e1010345 preprint bioRxiv:2022.02.09.479810.

Zheng R, Stejskal K, Pynn C, et al. (2022) Deep Single-Shot NanoLC-MS Proteome Profiling with a 1500 Bar UHPLC System, Long Fully Porous Columns, and HRAM MS. J Proteome Res 21(10):2545-21.

Mayer RL, Matzinger M, Schmücker A, et al. (2022) Wide Window Acquisition and AI-based data analysis to reach deep proteome coverage for a wide sample range, including single cell proteomic inputs. bioRxiv:2022.09.01.506203.

Casey A, Köcher T, Caygill S, et al. (2022) Transcriptome changes in chlorsulfuron-treated plants are caused by acetolactate synthase inhibition and not induction of a herbicide detoxification system in Marchantia polymorpha. bioRxiv:2022.08.31.505973.

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