This page links to individual research profiles of some current Postdoctoral Fellows at GMI.



Pierre Bourguet

Transcriptional regulation of transposable elements

Pieter Clauw

Evolution and genetic regulation of plant natural variation

Juan Carlos De la Concepcion

Evolution of plant exocytosis

Pin Guo

Spatiotemporal patterning of distinct cell types in plant tissues

Tetsuya Hisanaga

Chromatin dynamics during the life cycle of land plants and their evolution

Benjamin Jaegle

Unraveling the extent of gene duplication in natural populations of Arabidopsis Thaliana

Zsuzsanna Mérai

Understanding the rewiring of molecular modules and the changing response to environmental cues

Jose Julian Valenzuela

Applying new microscopy techniques to answer unresolved questions of molecular biology

Yoav Voichek

Uncovering the unique characteristics of gene transcription in plants

Shuangyang Wu

Plant omics and evolution

Alexandra Casey

Understanding how plants sense and metabolize herbicides

Marion Clavel

Autophagy during viral infection

Laura Diezma Navas

How is transposon activity recognized and regulated?

Zachary Harvey

How does chromatin guide the interpretation of the genome, and how is this influenced by the environment over time?

Marco Incarbone

Plant virology and the molecular mechanisms involved in virus-plant interactions

Haijun Liu

Uncovering novel paradigms through population- or species-level full genomes

Susanna Streubel

How do transcription factors and microRNAs regulate the development of a two-dimensional vegetative propagule into a fully differentiated and reproductively active plant?

Miguel Vallebueno

Maize adaptation to novel environments

Eva-Sophie Wallner

How are cell fate decisions regulated in plants to form differentiated tissues of specific function?

Ni Zhan

How do plants cope with various types of stress and maintain their homeostasis from a cellular and organismal perspective?