Administration & Services

The administration & services at the GMI ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

Researchers at the GMI are supported by administrative and infrastructure staff, who ensure smooth day-to-day operations. To increase synergies, administrative staff is shared by GMI and IMBA, the two life science research institutes of the Austrian Academy of Sciences located at the Vienna BioCenter. The infrastructure team enhances resource sharing across the GMI, IMBA and IMP. This collaborative approach ensures an efficient use of resources and fosters a cooperative environment.

The Assistant to the Directors organizes seminars, conferences, and the annual retreat and SAB meetings.

The Finance Department is responsible for accounting, financial controlling, and bookkeeping.

The Grant Management team provides information on grant opportunities, assists in preparing proposals, and is responsible for financial reporting and audits.

The Human Resources team supports staff in relation to employment and living in Austria, including helping with visa and work permit issues.

The Science Support team provides English editing services for grants and manuscripts, translation services, prepares official reporting, and serves as the tech transfer office.

The Communications team makes research at the GMI accessible for diverse audiences. The team engages with the press, creates outreach opportunities, organizes events, and manages the website and social media channels.

The Lab Support team supports scientists in their experiments. Their services range from a central supply of chemicals and consumables, to the maintenance and repair of lab equipment, and plant pathogen control.

The Purchasing & Store team is responsible for all purchasing activities at the institute and runs a 24/7 store for high-turnover items.

Scientific Director

Business Director

Directors Assistant

Communications & Partnerships

Technology Transfer Office