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Heilman KA, Dietze MC, Arizpe AA, et al. (2022) Ecological forecasting of tree growth: Regional fusion of tree-ring and forest inventory data to quantify drivers and characterize uncertainty. Glob Chang Biol [epub].

Schon MA, Lutzmayer S, ..., Nodine MD (2022) Precise Transcript Reconstruction with End-Guided Assembly. bioRxiv:2022.01.12.476004.

Morales L and Swarts K (2022) Heritable and climatic sources of variation in juvenile tree growth in an Austrian common garden experiment of Central European Norway spruce populations. bioRxiv:2022.01.10.475611.

Poláček M, Arizpe A, ..., Swarts K (2022) Automation of tree-ring detection and measurements using deep learning. bioRxiv:2022.01.10.475709.

Vallebueno-Estrada M, Steindl S, ..., Swarts K (2022) Multi-GBS: A massively multiplexed GBS-based protocol optimized for large, repetitive conifer genomes. bioRxiv:2022.01.10.475685.

Dahan-Meir T, Ellis TJ, Mafessoni F, et al. (2022) The genetic structure of a wild wheat population has remained associated with microhabitats over 36 years. bioRxiv:2022.01.10.475641.

Nunn A, Rodríguez-Arévalo I, Tandukar Z, et al. (2022) Chromosome-level Thlaspi arvense genome provides new tools for translational research and for a newly domesticated cash cover crop of the cooler climates. Plant Biotechnol J [epub].

Hüther P, Hagmann J, Nunn A, et al. (2022) MethylScore, a pipeline for accurate and context-aware identification of differentially methylated regions from population-scale plant WGBS data. bioRxiv:2022.01.06.475031.

Jamge B and Berger F (2022) Diversification of chromatin organization in eukaryotes. Curr Opin Cell Biol 74:1-6.

Ctortecka C, Stejskal K, Krššáková G, et al. (2021) Quantitative Accuracy and Precision in Multiplexed Single-Cell Proteomics. Anal Chem [epub].

Oberlin S, Rajeswaran R, Trasser M, et al. (2021) Innate, translation-dependent silencing of an invasive transposon in Arabidopsis. EMBO Rep [epub] preprint: bioRxiv:2021.06.28.450179.

Kersten S, Chang J, Huber CD, et al. (2021) Standing genetic variation fuels rapid evolution of herbicide resistance in blackgrass. bioRxiv:2021.12.14.472587.

Wolinska KW, Vannier N, Thiergart T, et al. (2021) Tryptophan metabolism and bacterial commensals prevent fungal dysbiosis in Arabidopsis roots. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 118(49):e2111521118.

Stejskal K, Op de Beeck J, Matzinger M, et al. (2021) Analysis of 8000 proteins and reduced carry over significantly increase the throughput of single-shot proteomics. bioRxiv:2021.11.28.470272.

Ctortecka C, Krššáková G, Stejskal K, et al.( 2021) Comparative proteome signatures of trace samples by multiplexed Data-Independent Acquisition. Mol Cell Proteomics [epub].

De la Concepción JC, Benjumea JV, Bialas A, et al. (2021) Functional diversification gave rise to allelic specialization in a rice NLR immune receptor pair. eLife 10:e71662 preprint bioRxiv:2021.06.25.449940.

Jaegle B, Soto-Jiménez LM, Burns R, et al. (2021) Extensive gene duplication in Arabidopsis revealed by pseudo-heterozygosity. bioRxiv:2021.11.15.468652.

Naish M, Alonge M, Wlodzimierz P, et al. (2021) The genetic and epigenetic landscape of the Arabidopsis centromeres. Science [epub].

Iwasaki M, Kajiwara T, Yasui Y, et al. (2021) Identification of the sex-determining factor in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha reveals unique evolution of sex chromosomes in a haploid system. Curr Biol [epub].

Latzel V, Fischer M, Groot M, et al. (2021) Parental environmental effects are common and strong, but unpredictable, in Arabidopsis thaliana. bioRxiv:2021.11.04.467350.

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