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Durut N, Kornienko AE, Schmidt HA, et al. (2023) Long non-coding RNAs contribute to DNA damage resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana. bioRxiv:2023.03.20.533408

Zhou X, Wang L, Zhu P, et al.(2023) Comprehensive molecular characterization of complete mitogenome assemblies of 33 Eimeria isolates infecting domestic chickens. Parasit Vectors 16(1):109.

Feng C, Roitinger E, Hudecz O, et al. (2023) TurboID-based proteomic profiling of meiotic chromosome axes in Arabidopsis thaliana. Nat Plants [epub].

Kornienko AE, Nizhynska V, Molla Morales A, et al. (2023) Population-level annotation of lncRNAs in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals extensive expression and epigenetic variability associated with TE-like silencing. bioRxiv:2023.03.14.532599.

Lebovka I, Hay Mele B, Liu X, et al. (2023) Computational modelling of cambium activity provides a regulatory framework for simulating radial plant growth. Elife 12:e66627.

Jaegle B, Soto-Jiménez LM, Burns R, et al. (2023) Extensive sequence duplication in Arabidopsis revealed by pseudo-heterozygosity.  Genome Biol 24(1):44 preprint bioRxiv:2021.11.15.468652.

Tanasa S, Shukla N, Cairo A, et al. (2023) A complex role of Arabidopsis CDKD;3 in meiotic progression and cytokinesis. Plant Direct 7(3):e477 preprint bioRxiv:2022.08.08.503215.

Mérai Z, Xu F, Musilek A, et al. (2023) Phytochromes mediate germination inhibition under red, far-red, and white light in Aethionema arabicum. Plant Physiol [epub] preprint bioRxiv:2022.06.24.497527.

Nguyen VH, Mittelsten Scheid O, Gutzat R (2023) Heat stress response and transposon control in plant shoot stem cells. bioRxiv:2023.02.24.529891.

Voichek Y, Hurieva B, Michaud C, et al. (2023) Cell-cycle status of male and female gametes during Arabidopsis reproduction. bioRxiv:2023.02.22.529524.

Saeed B, Deligne F, Brillada C, et al. (2023) K63-linked ubiquitin chains are a global signal for endocytosis and contribute to selective autophagy in plants. Curr Biol [epub].

Matzinger M, Mueller E, Duernberger G, et al. (2023) Robust and easy-to-use one pot workflow for label-free single-cell proteomics. Anal Cehm 95(9):4435-45 preprint bioRxiv:2022.10.03.510693.

Matzinger M, Mayer RL, and Mechtler K (2023) Label-Free Single Cell Proteomics Utilizing Ultrafast LC and MS Instrumentation: A Valuable Complementary Technique to Multiplexing. Proteomics [epub].

Casey A and Dolan L (2023) Genes encoding cytochrome P450 monooxygenases and glutathione S-transferases associated with herbicide resistance evolved before the origin of land plants. PLoS One 18(2):e0273594.

Picchianti L, Sanchez de Medina Hernandez V, ..., Dagdas Y (2023) Shuffled ATG8 interacting motifs form an ancestral bridge between UFMylation and autophagy. EMBO J [epub] preprint bioRxiv:2022.04.26.489478.

Dona M, Bradamante G, Bogojevic Z, et al. (2023) A versatile CRISPR-based system for lineage tracing in living plants. bioRxiv:2023.02.09.527713.

Crego CG, Hess J, Yardeni G, et al. (2023) Short structural variation fuelled CAM evolution within an explosive bromeliad radiation. bioRxiv:2023.02.01.526631.

Imai R, Fujino T, Tomimoto S, et al. (2023) The molecular clock in long-lived tropical trees is independent of growth rate. bioRxiv:2023.01.26.525665

Li B, Niu F, Zeng Y, et al. (2023) Ufmylation reconciles salt stress-induced unfolded protein responses via ER-phagy in Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 120(5):e2208351120.

Dorl S, Winkler S, Mechtler K, et al. (2023) MS Ana: Improving Sensitivity in Peptide Identification with Spectral Library Search. J Proteome Res 22(2):462-70.