ExploreAT! "Food History" Project wins Citizen Science Award

In the ExploreAT! project "Food History" school classes studied food and alimentation through the lense of historical records and created a digital data collection.

CC BY-NC Katja Berger 2018

The project "food_ history@exploreAT!" was honoured with a Citizen Science Award 2019. The aim of the project was to motivate students to research and document historical content in their own environment and to build a public archive for scientific questions on food culture with their contributions.

From 1 April to 5 July, the “Food History” project was open to active participation by school classes and other interested citizens. Young citizen scientists joined in by collecting diverse documents and materials related to food and alimentation, such as handwritten recipes or photos of kitchen utensils from the past, and then uploaded them to a digital collection in the online data archive “Topothek”. Just like professional researchers, they observed, collected, catalogued, analysed and recorded historical documents and cultural artifacts, asked questions and reflected on their value for research.

Besides an opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes of science and research, the Center for Citizen Science also awards cash prizes for the junior citizen scientists’ contributions and for documentary videos about their research activities.

Activities on Citizen Science Day 2019

The Citizen Science Day took place 19 November, 2019. School classes and individuals had the opportunity to visit guided tours, workshops and lectures and get to know the research institutions and their projects better.

ExploreAT! contributed with the following activities: 

09:00 am 

Workshop "eEducation - Visions for the future of learning"
Guided tour of the Microsoft Learning Hub
Project results "food_history@exploreAT!"

12:00 am

"Inspiration Workshop"
Development of joint project ideas for participation in the Citizen Science Award 2020
Project results "food_history@exploreAT!"