Friday, 14. February 2020, 14:00

The Boyash in Hungary. A Comparative Study among the Arĝeleni and Munĉeni Communities

The ÖAW's Commission VLACH and the Roma Research Center of the University of Pécs (Bemutatkozás - Romológia) invite you to a book presentation of the new study by Ioana Nechiti and Thede Kahl:

The Boyash in Hungary. A Comparative Study among the Arĝeleni and Munĉeni Communities 
(Vanishing Languages and Cultural Heritage 1),
Vienna: ÖAW, ISBN: 978-3-7001-8233-7

The first book of the newly established VLACH series examines the language and culture of the Boyash “Gypsies” in southern Hungary, who speak archaic dialects of Romanian and call themselves Boyash. This study aims to undertake a linguistic and sociolinguistic comparison of the vernaculars spoken by the two sub-groups of the Boyash in Hungary: the Munĉeni and Arĝeleni.


FR, 14.02.2020, 14:00
Location: Nappali, Király utca 23-25, 7621 Pécs, Hungary
Local Organisation: Prof. Dr. Anna Pálmainé Orsós (orsos.anna(at)

SA, 15.02, 2010, 11:00
Location: Kászá Dasztyisza, Gilvánfa, Baranya, Hungary
Local Organisation: László Ambrus (lambrus(at)

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