Technical Education for Sustainability

Mahshid SOTOUDEH, 2009

About this book

How does technical education fit into today's society? What is the implication of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) for technical education? This book examines these questions. The author analyses the corresponding needs within technical education from various perspectives. She has identified different domains within the world of engineering including the domain of engineering profession and practice for manufacturing, design and development of technical solutions to fulfil the consumers' needs, the domain of technology assessment which considers potential impacts of technical solutions on human beings, and the domain of technical education as the foundation for engineering knowledge and skills. This book will be helpful to both researchers and practitioners in shaping the future of technical education.

Aus dem Inhalt

  • Einleitung
  • Part I - Engineering
  • Development of engineering challenges
  • Needs for the future engineering skills based on engineers´ opinions
  • Part II - Technology - Engineering Challenges according to technology development and application
  • Context of technology development and application
  • A concept for a socio-technical system
  • Methods to examine consequences of technical solutions
  • Part III - Technical Education - Technology - Engineering
  • The responsibility of technical universities as sustainable universities
  • A list of documents for higher education in sustainable development
  • Technical universities needs and objectives
  • A participatory approach for technical education in the future
  • Summary of results
  • Appendix
  • A - A summary of an internet discussion: Has engineering been changed?
  • B - Questionnaire for the Survey 2006-2007
  • C - Networks, clusters, cooperation and integration of actors in the decision-making
  • D - CSR, Environmental Management systems, (History of) EMAS

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