List of Publications

Year Title Journal Authors
2020Condensin: The Little Motor Protein that Could.Mol CellGoloborodko, A.
2020Conformation of sister chromatids in the replicated human genome.NatureMitter, M., Gasser, C., Takacs, Z., Langer, CCH., Tang, W., Jessberger, G., Beales, CT., Neuner, E., Ameres, SL., Peters, JM., Goloborodko, A., Micura, R., Gerlich, DW.
2019Highly structured homolog pairing reflects functional organization of the Drosophila genome.Nat CommunAlHaj Abed, J., Erceg, J., Goloborodko, A., Nguyen, SC., McCole, RB., Saylor, W., Fudenberg, G., Lajoie, BR., Dekker, J., Mirny, LA., Wu, CT.
2019The genome-wide multi-layered architecture of chromosome pairing in early Drosophila embryos.Nat CommunErceg, J., AlHaj Abed, J., Goloborodko, A., Lajoie, BR., Fudenberg, G., Abdennur, N., Imakaev, M., McCole, RB., Nguyen, SC., Saylor, W., Joyce, EF., Senaratne, TN., Hannan, MA., Nir, G., Dekker, J., Mirny, LA., Wu, CT.
2016Chromosome Compaction by Active Loop Extrusion.Biophys JGoloborodko, A., Marko, JF., Mirny, LA.