IMBA at the Ball of Sciences

Image Gallery: On January 26th 2019, the scientific community from Austria (and abroad) got together in the glamourous setting of the Vienna City Hall for the 5th time. Even though the Ball of Sciences has a young history, it has become one of Vienna´s highlights during the waltzing season, combining entertainment with an academic attitude.

The science ball promotes diversity, reaching out to students and researchers from all academic disciplines and institutions. A clever attempt to associate a big city’s science base with its most distinguished cultural characteristics. And the sold-out event was ample proof that the organizers had hit a nerve.“, as the journal Nature pointed out.

Once again, a lot of people of IMBA, and the Vienna BioCenter attended the ball – and our “delegation” is growing from year to year.

This year IMBA organized a little side event at ball. In the North Vestibule, a social circle of current and former IMBA researchers met for networking and celebrating outside of the lab. As the Vienna Ball of Sciences promotes excellence in science and interdisciplinary exchange, it provided an ideal framework for this get-together of the “IMBA Family”.

LOOKING GLASS at the Ball of Sciences

As part of the setting of the ball, several research institutions were invited to showcase creative projects and multimedia installations. LOOKING GLASS, the most recent arts and science project between IMBA and the University of Applied Arts, was integral part of the ball landscape. The artworks, that resulted out of a dialogue between the scientists and artists were prominently on display. Even Heinz Fassmann, federal minister for science and education, was amongst the intrigued visitors of our video-installation at the ball!

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