Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid

The following tools are made available by the Mittelsten Scheid group for the benefit of the plant research community:

GM medium protocol



CyMATE is a web application that allows you to perform a quick and comprehensive methylation analysis of cytosine sites in DNA sequences. CyMATE can handle a set of aligned sequences, that is, multiple sequence alignment files of the reference sequence (`master`) and multiple sample sequences (`clones`). It handles bisulfite-converted samples (`clones`) and evaluates the frequency of methylation patterns with respect to a reference sequence (`master`). CyMATE provides for both text and graphical outputs.

For details, please read the User Guide. For testing purposes, download this example file.

If you use results from CyMATE in your published work, please cite:
Hetzl J, Förster AM, Raidl G, Mittelsten Scheid O (2007) CyMATE: a new tool for methylation analysis of plant genomic DNA after bisulfite sequencing. Plant J 51:526-536.

CyMATE is a joint effort of the Mittelsten Scheid Group (GMI) and the Algorithms and Data Structures Group of the Technical University, Vienna.

For questions, reports and comments, contact the author: 
Email: Ortrun.Mittelsten_Scheid(at)gmi.oeaw.ac.at