This page links to individual research profiles of some current PhD students at GMI.



Alibek Abdrakhmanov

Autophagy & RNA biology

Sarah Attrill

Role of the cytoskeleton in plant cell polarisation

Samuel Caygill

Forward genetics to understand herbicide resistance

Jian Yi Kok

Mechanisms and pathways of chromatin remodelling

Marintia Mayola Nava Garcia

Selective autophagy in response to different environmental cues

Lorenzo Picchianti

Ubiquitin-like posttranslational modifications

Víctor Sánchez de Medina Hernández

Mechanistic characterization of selective autophagy players

Vasilina Akulova

Population genomics, Quantitative genomics, Evolutionary biology

Chloe Casey

Herbicide resistance in weeds

Sebastian Deiber

Plant adaptation to light conditions

Hugh Mulvey

Spatiotemporal coordination of cellular processes

Vu Nguyen

Plant epigenetic responses to stress

Rahul Pisupati

Data-driven approaches to study plant biological diversity

Jierui Zhao

Crosstalk between autophagy and other cellular trafficking pathways in plant cells