Liability for Means of Transport (parts 2 and 3)

Completing the three part series on 'Liability for Means of Transport' parts two and three of the research project have been published. The project  prioritises the investigation of liability for railways, a topic as yet little researched. The current level of European harmonisation and research in this field is not yet entirely satisfactory, in spite of the topic’s clear practical relevance for current efforts to promote the less ecologically-damaging railways. The project aims to fill this gap.

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Schadenersatzrechtliche Verantwortlichkeit im internationalen Schienenverkehr

By Gregor Christandl and Olaf Riss
Jan Sramek Verlag, Wien
Softcover. ISBN 978-3-7097-0273-4.
2021, 162 pp.

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Die Vereinheitlichung der Haftung von Eisenbahnunternehmen in der Europäischen Union

By Helmut Koziol
Jan Sramek Verlag, Wien
Softcover. ISBN 978-3-7097-0274-1.
2021, 230 pp.

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