The projects and events of the ‘Sino-European Private Law Forum’ provide the focal point for the cooperation between ETL, ECTIL and the Law School at Yantai University (Sino-European Tort Law Institute), Shandong Province, China, which was finalised in 2011. The Forum meets biennially. The results of the research are published in the ‘Sino-European Legal Studies’ series.


The Aims of Tort Law. Chinese and European Perspectives

Edited by Helmut Koziol
Jan Sramek Verlag, Vienna
Hardcover. ISBN 978-3-7097-0127-0
2017, 230 pp

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The Legal Protection of Personality Rights. Chinese and European Perspectives

Edited by Ken Oliphant, Zhang Pinghua and Chen Lei
Brill | Nijhoff, Leiden/Boston
Hardcover. ISBN 978-9-0042-7629-1
eBook. ISBN 978-9-0043-5171-4
2018, 227 pp

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Tortious and Contractual Liability

Edited by Ernst Karner
Jan Sramek Verlag, Wien
Hardcover. ISBN 978-3-7097-0275-8
2021, 264 pp

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