The European Group on Tort Law (formerly also called "Tilburg Group") is a group of leading tort law academics from civil law, common law and mixed legal systems established in 1992. The Group meets regularly to discuss fundamental issues of tort law liability as well as recent developments and the future directions of the law of tort. The Group’s members believe that the advancement of European tort law is of major relevance to European citizens and the European economy. As one of its main projects, the Group has drafted a collection of Principles of European Tort Law (PETL) similar to the Principles of European Contract Law drafted by the European Contract Law Commission ("Lando Commission").

The series ‘Principles of European Tort Law’ contributes to the advancement and harmonisation of tort law in Europe. Publications in this series, edited by different members of the Group, illuminate and analyse the existing legal position on fundamental and topical issues of tort law on a national and European level, taking into account relevant theoretical and inter-disciplinary perspectives. A key feature of each publication is the analysis of hypothetical cases, showing clearly in practical terms where jurisdictions diverge or converge. It is envisaged that the series will culminate in the publication of an updated, revised and expanded version of the Principles of European Tort Law, building on the research and analysis contained in the earlier volumes of the series. The Institute for European Tort Law co-operates with the European Group on Tort Law and supports the publication of its Principles Series.


Principles of European Tort Law. Text and Commentary

Edited by the European Group on Tort Law
Verlag Österreich, Vienna
Softcover. ISBN 978-3-7046-5837-1
2005, 282 pp



A full text of the Principles and their accompanying commentary are also now available in Chinese, French and Spanish.


The Liability of Public Authorities in Comparative Perspective

Edited by Ken Oliphant
Intersentia, Cambridge/Antwerp/Portland
Softcover. ISBN 978-1-78068-238-9
2016, 887 pp

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The Borderlines of Tort Law. Interactions with Contract Law

Edited by Miquel Martín-Casals
Intersentia, Cambridge/Antwerp/Portland
Softcover. ISBN 978-1-78068-248-8
forthcoming 2019, approx. 500 pp



Earlier publications of the Group can be found in the Unification of Tort Law Series published by Kluwer Law International (The Hague).