Mon, 21.11.2022 11:00

Juristenrunde with Filippo Zemignani

Filippo Zemignani, currently guest researcher at our Institute and PhD candidate at the University of Trento, holds a Juristenrunde lecture on traffic accident liability and self driving cars on Monday, 21 November 2022 at 11:00.

Put a self-driving car in a world of conventional cars: traffic liability in a mixed environment.

The fast development of technologies that support or even replace the driver of a car raises some concerns about the regulation of traffic liability. The debate has, for many years, been based on the assumption that a new liability regime specifically dedicated to self-driving vehicles was needed. However, it is now well known that the transition to autonomous driving will be slow and full of intermediate stages. In this context, the best civil liability models are those that allow a fluid interaction between new and old technologies, progressively adapting the rules already in force.

The lecture takes place in the institute's premises. Participation is free of charge. If you are interested to join, please register with etl(at)