Mon, 05.08.2019 11:00

Juristenrunde with Clara Bonfils Gispert

Clara Bonfils Gispert, PhD Canditate at the Universitat de Girona, outlines main topics of the 'Liability of robotics and artificial intelligence' in a Juristenrunde on 5 August 2019, 11.00h.

The evolution of technology and artificial intelligence have, in these last decades, reached such levels that it is sometimes hard to believe. Sometimes, reality has become a science fiction film, presenting new legal cases, which had never been seen before. Therefore, tort law has a new challenge in this area: a comparative law study is required in order to know if our liability rules and system are prepared for aborting and solving all these new cases or, on the contrary, we should change some aspects or even create new mechanisms in this area of law. The presentation mainly focuses on who becomes liable, liability based on fault, strict liability and liability for others.

The event takes place in the Institute's premises and is free of charge.